Palamor's Haley, OFA, ROM 

Palamor's Lueger x Palamor's Sadie V Dehaan
6th Top Dam for the 1998-1999 
AKC Major Point Show Tabulations

Breeders: Pat Turrise & Diane DeHaan. 

Gerald & Janet Markowitz




JanMar's Troy

MV Sel. Ch. Lindenhill's Hayabusa, OFA
JanMar's Jewel, OFA

Breeders: Gerald & Janet Markowitz & Diane Mehra
Owners:  Gerald & Janet Markowitz




  Can Ch JanMar's Material Girl OFA


Owner:  Shalaine Vineyard
Breeders: Gerald & Janet Markowitz




Can. Sel./Am. Ch. Lin-Ter's Tiburon of Chablis, OFA (H&E)
#4 Top Producing Futurity/Maturity Sire for the year 2000. 

Sel. Ch. Aztec's Kodak ROM, OFA x Ch. Covy Tucker Hill's Roma Amo, OFA, ROM, TC

Loved & Owned by Gerald & Janet Markowitz
Breeders: Terry & Linda Gorham


Ch. Rivaden Billy Boy Rolingreen, OFA (H&E)

 Ch. Mordor's Hyperion At Rivaden OFA x Rollin greens Q T Pie

Owner: Gerald Markowitz 
Breeder: Carol Przybilla & William Bliss


3 of Billy's kids




Ch. Shaquille of Old Oak, OFA  H & E

Ch. Rivaden Billy Boy Rolingreen, OFA x Dee Rob's Kristen, OFA
Bred & Owned by Gerald Markowitz.



Ch. JaDon's Rocky Marciano CD, OFA  "Rocky" 

Ch. Rivaden Billy Boy Rolingreen, OFA x Palamor's Haley, OFA, ROM.
Owners:  Julie Foster & Janet Markowitz
Breeder:  Janet Markowitz



Jadon's Mike Tyson 
13 points, 3 Majors

Ch. Rivaden Billy Boy Rolingreen, OFA x Palamor's Haley, OFA, ROM. 

Owner: Gina Trapp. 
Breeder: Janet Markowitz 


CH Tartan JaDon Last Action Hero, OFA H/E  "Arnie"

CH Jessie of Ponca Hills II, OFA, ROM  x  Holiday of Nordlicht
Owners: Valerie & Patrick Harrington & Janet Markowitz
Breeder: Janet Markowitz


Ch. Jade East's City Girl
19 92 SW Best In Maturity Senior Bitch

Ch. Topflights Dallas V Jeanden, OFA x Dee Rob's Kristen, OFA.
Breeder/Owner: Gerald Markowitz. 


Ch. Brasban's Ride N High V Langenau "Sport" 
1986 SW Best in Maturity

Sel. Ch. Proven Hill's Up N Adam, Rom, Romc x Sel. Ch. Langenau's Promise
Breeder:  Dave Rinke
Owner:  Gerald Markowitz 


Sel. Ch. Beneta's Heidi auf Kota

Owned by Gerald Markowitz & Adri Grimes


Ch. Westerwald's Jory, CD
High in trial at the 1978 National

Ch. Imperial Anchor of Kovaya x Westerwald's Sandy
Owners: Gerald Markowitz and Adri Grimes 


Ch. Anthmar's Dobie Gillis
Best in maturity for 1975

Owners:  Gerald Markowitz and John Montgerard 


Ch. Kuhler Wald's Joshua

Owner:  Gerald Markowitz



Owner:  Gerald Markowitz

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